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Bijrani Rest House

Malani Forest Rest House in the Bijrani Zone is nestled amid the mixed deciduous forests. This rest house offers a tranquil ambiance and is an ideal base for exploring the rich biodiversity of the zone. The Bijrani Zone is known for its tiger sightings, and staying at Malani offers a chance to embark on thrilling safaris and witness the grace of these majestic cats.

The Bijrani Forest Rest House is located deep within the thick forests of Jim Corbett National Park in India. From November 15th to June 15th, the rest house is open to tourists, offering a unique chance to be immersed in nature and observe the abundant wildlife. Visitors to the Bijrani Forest Rest House can expect to see tigers, elephants, deer, and a variety of birds, making it the perfect spot for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. With its beautiful surroundings and abundant wildlife, the Bijrani Forest Rest House is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the Jim Corbett National Park.

Bijrani Forest Rest House offers you night stay amidst the large forest in their beautifully built rest houses. This lonesome forest abode consists total of 6 rooms which comprises 4 double bed rooms and 2 single bed rooms along with 1 dormitory consists of 4 beds. Though this forest guest house is located almost 9 km inside the forest from the nearby town Ram Nagar but lodging and dining here are fairly good. The rooms are very comfortable and bathrooms are neat and clean along with all the basic room amenities. The guest house complex has its own canteen and a restaurant offering the variety of tasty vegetarian foods as buffet meals at very affordable prices. The complex has large clean compound area around it where you can take a walk or just relax beneath the tree. The complex is covered with fences for the safety of people staying here. Tourists visited here often found telling how much they enjoyed here and praising about the food they had been served along with the warm hospitality of the Bijrani FRH staffs. The non-veg. food items and alcohols are strictly prohibited inside the park. Also, you should keep all your used personal remains and disposable items in a carry bag and later dispose it of out of the park after finishing your tour.