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Durga Devi Tourism Zone

Durga Devi Tourism Zone

Durga Devi Zone is a birder's paradise, with its diverse avian population and breathtaking landscapes. The zone is named after the Durga Devi temple, a revered site located within the forest. Apart from birdwatching, visitors have the chance to spot elephants, leopards, deer, and even the rare gharial, a fish-eating crocodile species. The natural beauty of Durga Devi, coupled with its peaceful ambiance, offers a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts.

  • Visitor Season : 15 October to 15 June
  • Durga Devi Zone is located about 28 kilometres from Ramnagar.
  • Note : Maximum 6 persons are allowed in a Gypsy.
  • Child below 5 years will be complimentary.
  • Safari Includes : All entries, road tax, guide fee and gypsy charges.

Durga Devi tourism zone is an attractive and verdant tourism zone falling within the Jim Corbett National Park range. It is a wildlife area that is exceptionally used for long elephant safaris and provides direct access to the Ramganga River, where tourists can enjoy fishing and angling. While making you stay cool and comfortable at the Durgadevi, the tourists will get the opportunity to go to Ramganga River to enjoy angling facilities at the Ramganga camp at Bhikiyasen crossing the gate further 30 KMs in the pristine pool in the Ramganga River. The Durgadevi tourism zone is closed during monsoon due to poor roads in the forest.

Tourists should bring a Driving License/ Voter Id / Pan card as it is required for identification. For foreign tourists, Passport Details mentioning Passport Number, Full Name & Gender, Date of Issue and expiry, date of Birth, and Nationality is required for Advance Bookings of the morning, and Afternoon jeep safari.

Lohachaur Tourism Zone or DurgaDevi, and Durga Devi Gate lies on the northeastern boundary of the Jim Corbett National Park. The Durga Devi entrance gate is around 28 Km away from Ramnagar. The Mandalrange of Corbett Tiger Reserve through the Durgadevi entrance gives the tourists challenging birding species to the belvedere. It is quite a common sighting to come across the grey-headed fishing eagle, crested laughing thrush, black-chinned Yuhina, maroon oriole, slaty blue flycatcher, long-tailed broadbill, little forktail, and bar-tailed tree creeper. Lohachaur forest area is quite popular among tourists for sighting wild elephants and the heaving terrain that offer an excellent occasion to see the leopards.